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Useful Apps & Websites


Make study sets, use provided images, share your sets with others and create folders for free. Check it out at Quizlet.





Free language practice for Spanish, French, German, Japanese, ESOL (common middle/high school language choices), and others such as Welsh, Swahili, Esperanto, Hebrew, and the Klingon language from “Star Trek”! Sign up for free at Duolingo.





Make your own study sets to play review games with friends, if your parents make an adult account you can access others’ sets. Try it out at Kahoot.





Khan Academy

Engaging tutorials about math, science, and even coding! See more at Khan Academy.




Open Culture

Has links to a ton of language resources. Go to Open Culture for more.





Watch videos explaining relevant topics in science, history, and more. Get started at TED Ed today.




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