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Tips for AP World History Classes

Read all the handouts, textbook, and other information your teacher gives you, because World History is often about a lot of people, places, and dates.

Take good notes in class because you will need to remember a lot of information for the test.

Reading the information will help you to be well-equipped to discuss it in class or write an essay on it at a later time.

Make sure that projects demonstrate your knowledge. It's nice to have a good-looking project, but the information inside is more important so you can still get a good grade if you do not think you are good at art.

Although grammar is not the main thing you will be scored on, it is important that you remember and use all grammatical rules so that your work is understandable and your communication is effective.

Ask your teacher for suggestions on improving your writing. They can give you feedback on how well they understand your writing and whether your structure and word choices are effective.

Get a good study guide for the AP test if possible so you know how it is structured and graded.