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Getting Organized One Page At A Time

Welcome to Getting Organized One Page At A Time!  This site has been created by students, for students to facilitate the transitions from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school.  We have both created videos and collected advice and resources from students, teachers, and the Internet to create a safe, free, not-for-profit site that both students and parents can use to prepare for the new challenges of middle school and high school.  Students who practice good habits in the areas of note-taking, studying, organization, and time management often find middle and high school less daunting and get better grades, so we have chosen to focus on these four areas to make them more familiar and easier to learn. We also have a number of pages dedicated to specific classes in middle and high school if you need subject-specific advice.

About This Project
Getting Organized One Page At A Time was born as a Girl Scout Gold Award Project. We saw a need in our community for more educational tools that help students "learn how to learn," because we noticed that many students had trouble adapting to a new school and maximizing their time spent both in and out of school to really understand challenging new material. Originally, the project encompassed giving three workshops to different groups of elementary, middle, and high school students to teach new skills. The workshops included a simple curriculum based on our experiences, current school curricula, and interviews with family, friends, and teachers about what works for them and their students. In order to keep the project going, we created this website to give more people access to our unique presentation of methods and tools that you can use to succeed in school.